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AIR BAG Product Technology

Use AIR-Bag is beneficial to the environment. It is a most economic way to replace current use of Styrofoam, EPE and paper molding by AIR-BAG packaging solution.

Compliant with WEEE/RoHS regulations. ?Material tests issued by SGS shown that AIR-BAG packaging is free of 6 restricted hazardous materials.? Therefore, AIR- BAG Protective Solution is your best way to overpass restriction of WEEE/RoHS.

WEEE – Directives on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. ?In February 2004, WEEE’s amendment sets the total product recycle rate of 60%, material reusable rate of 55%.?

RoHS – Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances.? Starting July 1st, 2006.

Air Column Package:
Using air column to form a cushioning material for inside packing.
Using PE/PA synthesis by special recipe, the basic material contains no heavy metal after SGS test and no toxic after burning, which is the seventh category of recycle products that meet the features of non-breathable, humidity resistance and environmental protection. This is the best choice of replacing polystyrene, EPE and pulp in this century.


Using small amount of synthetic plastic film and air room concept to develop a inside packing in air cushioning array, which not only is no toxic and recyclable, but also can reduce packing cost. This kind of inside packing bag broadly replaces current inside packing material, like polystyrene, EPE, corrugated paper, and pulp mold such inside packing material, which not only is environmental protection, cost saving, production efficiency improvement but also provides most completed shock protection.

We use special purpose production machines and fully automatic product lines: making auto control assisted by calculator, which is easy to produce, easy to edit, quick and simple, decreasing the annoyance of hardware open-die, die test, die remodel and changing die up and down; saving die cost and shorten the time of mass production development. The unfilled AIR-BAG is totally flat, light and small size, which is available to provide same shock protection by smaller size material and thereby largely saving material costs and commodity storage and freight costs.
Air Bag adopts inert gas as material, which is flexible for customization. Therefore, it has following advantages:

(1)Low cost
(2)Sparing space
(4)Cutting the packaging process and saving (4)manpower
(5)No pollutions…

In addition, it can also provide shock protection in long time storage without leaking.

Packing Process of Production Lines:

1、 Sealing with tapes: (1) Placing (2) Seal (3) Air filling (4) Putting into outside package
2、 Tape free type: (1) Placing (2) Air filling (3) Putting into outside package

Film Features:

The film is synthetic of double-sided PE and NYLON called Bi-axially oriented Nylon Film, which has anti-stretch and balance characteristics and is good on surface printing. There are various materials options of AIR-BAG for you to choose: one is PE/PA/PE film produced by combining PA with extremely high strength with linear low density LLDPE; the other one is PE/EVOH/PE film and PE/ONY/PE synthetic plastic film co-extruded by low density LDPE that meets the non-toxic test of environmental protection.

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