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Air Bag Product characteristic


1、Using new packing system by nature air filling in 21st century
2、Decreasing the damage rate to minimum by air column cushioning protection with overall coverage 

3、Fast packing, small size, real time delivery and increasing loading amount.


4、Sparing the material storage space and decreasing freight expenses.
5、Transparent, close-fitting and sophisticated appearance design that makes everyone attracted to it and reluctant to put it down.
6、Technological and humanistic environmental material for recycle can enhance the product and business image.

Air Packing Method:

Overall wrapping or top and bottom wrapping, approach as follows:
a、Measuring the appearance size
b、Measuring the weight
c、Producing air column packing bag
d、Delivering to production line

Changes of packing lines:
a、Installing additional air filling facilities and handles
b、Operating under technical rules and setting up air pressure value
c、Placing wrapping object into empty bag, then inserting the air filling head into reserved air inlet and fill the whole in once.


Open inside packing bag

Tear off

No. 4 Recycle Certification

If there is only one air column loosing air would not after other air columns.

Air Column Packing Features:

?The material is not toxic, flammable, and no problem with environmental protection
?All process is customized by computer. It not only does not need producing die, but also has quick response and low cost.
?Easy package, high protection, freight saving and storage decreasing
?Enhance product selling point
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