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AIR BAG Comparison of different packing materials

Comparison of different packing materials  

Packing Material

Air Bag Inflatable Packaging

Pulp Mold


EPE Pearl Ball Cotton


Totally flat before air filling





Saving Space

Smaller storage space

Huge space

Huge space

3.Humidity 3.Resistance

Humidity resistance Water proof

Not humidity resistance

Not humidity resistance

Not humidity resistance


Product is totally covered
Excellent shock protection

High damage ratio during delivery
Bad shock protection

5.Environmental 5.Protection

Small size
Easy to recycle

Consume large amount of pulp

Big size
High Recycle cost


Beautiful appearance Enhancing company Image

Only provide protection, nothing help for enhancing company image


Relatively to other shock protection products, AIR-BAG provides following more favorite conditions  


In the past, warehouse always need large amount of shielding material stocks. From now on, they do not need to worry the storage space anymore, because AIR-BAGcan be on-line in real time, immediate filling depending on how much you want and totally saving the space.


AIR-BAG is composed by 99% air and 1% film, which is totally flat before using that not only saving space but also saving large amount of freight and storage costs.


AIR-BAG has excellent supporting feature. Single one AIR-BAG can bear 60~120kg pressure without breaking.


AIR-BAG can assuredly protect the products in package and not just filling and supporting, which will not result in damage because the frequent movements of object in delivery by large interspace of inside package. Even pushed by outside pressure, the closing fitting design of AIR-BAG can use air pad to distract from pressure and prevent against damage.



In general use condition, AIR-BAG allows you to save 20%~40% delivering space.


AIR-BAG will never has environmental protection problem no matter it is for recycle, dump after breaking or incineration.


All materials used by AIR-BAG contain no toxic substances and heavy metals. No matter in production, using or depositing any conditions, materials (films) or finished product (air pad) is totally clean without causing any pollution.

The packing of product is demonstrated


Car light




LCD monitor






Note Book


Toner Cartridge



After above introduction, you should have preliminary understanding of AIR-BAG. The advantages of AIR-BAG are several times to current cushioning packing materials. The practical cost analysis would vary from the sizes of packing bags. We will provide samples for your testing usage to allow you physically understand and assure its outstanding advantages.

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